Noted Film Historian George Feltenstein Rehired at Warner Bros. Entertainment

Industry veteran George Feltenstein has been rehired at Warner Bros. Entertainment as “WarnerMedia Library Historian,” effective August 2021, according to his LinkedIn profile.

His return comes nine months after WarnerMedia announced the elimination of his position, SVP of theatrical catalog marketing, in the second of two rounds of layoffs that rocked the company in 2020. The job cuts were announced in November 2020, but Feltenstein remained on the job until Feb. 19, 2021.

George Feltenstein

A Warner spokesman said Feltenstein’s “role is still being defined.”

Feltenstein’s return was first reported by the Home Theater Forum.

“Indeed, I have returned to the company, for which I am very grateful,” Feltenstein told Media Play News in an email.

Feltenstein came to Warner in January 1997 after seven years of effectively running MGM/UA Home Video, during which time he released a significant number of classic MGM and United Artists films on videocassette and laserdisc.

At Warner Bros., David Krause wrote on the website, Feltenstein held “the keys to a kingdom of Golden Age treasures, a massive, enviable catalog that encompasses the collections of Warner Bros., MGM and RKO studios.”

Feltenstein was the primary driver behind the studio giving classics such as The Wizard of Oz, CasablancaSinging in the Rain and Gone With the Wind the royal treatment for their DVD and then Blu-ray Disc debuts.

Other Warner veterans who lost their jobs in November 2020 include Melissa Hufjay, Rosemary Markson and Jay Reinbold.

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