New Streaming Video Platform to Target Francophiles Outside Europe

A new streaming video platform aimed at Francophiles living outside France and Western Europe is under development by Julien Verley, director of business development at France Televisions, a state-owned TV broadcaster.

Dubbed “France+,” the SVOD channel/app aims to replicate the success of BritBox, the over-the-top video platform launched in the United States in 2017 by the BBC and ITV.

Verley, who is scheduled to leave Frances Televisions June 30 to work on the project, said the service would offer upwards of 3,000 hours of programming at launch featuring movies, dramas, documentaries, animation and TV shows.

Content would be dubbed in English, Spanish and Chinese Mandarin.

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Verley says France+ aims to capitalizeon the “art et douceur de vivre” of French arts, culture, creativity, society, heritage, history and education.

Julien Verley

“I’m confident this project … will expose French audiovisual creation, [a] scarcity [on] the large U.S. global platforms [i.e. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video], as well as the unprecedented opening of Anglo Saxons markets to international programs dubbed in English,” Verely said in a statement.

 The platform, which is seeking funding and would rely on third-party content libraries, is currently in partnership talks with Group Canal+, Group France Televisions and Group TF1, according to Verley.

“The quality, the diversity and depth of French and European programming represent an undervalued and underexploited [treasure-trove],” he said.







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