Netflix: Subs Love Binge-Viewing With Their Pets

In what shouldn’t be a surprise, Netflix says people who binge-view programming enjoy doing so in the company of their pet animal.

According to a new survey, when it comes to watching TV, most people (58%) find pets to be the best binge partner, according to a survey based on more than 50,000 responses globally conducted by SurveyMonkey from Jan. 9-25.

Netflix said pets don’t hog the remote or judge their owner’s entertainment tastes. Even 22% of respondents have talked to their pet about the show or movie they were watching.

More than a third of respondents (37%) have moved where they were sitting so their pet would be more comfortable; 22% have bribed them with treats to watch longer, and 12% have even gone so far as turning off a show because their pet didn’t appear to like it.

Netflix said dog owners are more likely to choose action like “Narcos” and Marvel’s “Daredevil.” Cat owners prefer sci-fi series such as “Black Mirror” and “Star Trek: Discovery.”

Meanwhile, bird lovers are egged on by comedies like “Orange Is the New Black.” The one show that brings all streaming species together? “Stranger Things.”

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