Netflix Quietly Backtracks on New Password Sharing Rules

Following reported backlash from subscribers, Netflix has dropped a controversial rule in its new password-sharing guidelines.

The streamer, which is set to roll out the new policy by the end of March, is no longer requiring account holders to stream content from their primary residence at least once every 31 days, or get a special code from Netflix to get back into their accounts.

That rule has been dropped from the platform’s FAQ page and is now being characterized as a communications mistake by Netflix, whose new co-CEO Greg Peters has been intimately involved in the issue for some time as COO.

“For a brief time yesterday, a help center article containing information that is only applicable to Chile, Costa Rica and Peru went live in other countries. We have since updated it,” Netflix said in a media statement.

As a result, primary Netflix account subscribers and household members will not have to verify their status when streaming content on portable devices from outside the home. Netflix claims upwards of 100 million subscribers share passwords, a trend the streamer had little issue with until global subscriber growth began to wane notably in 2022.

Netflix has been testing charging account holders in the aforementioned South American countries an extra $2.99 monthly when sharing their passwords.

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