Netflix Chief Accounting Officer Ken Barker Quitting

Netflix Sept. 23 disclosed, in a regulatory filing, that Ken Barker, the streamer’s principal accounting officer for the past four months, is resigning, effective Oct. 7.

The streamer said Barker’s resignation was a personal decision and not the result of any disagreement with the company on any matter relating to Netflix’s financials, operations, policies or practices.
Ken Barker
Barker was previously SVP of finance at video game publisher Electronic Arts for more than 19 years, according to his LinkedIn page profile.
Following Barker’s departure, CFO Spencer Neumann will assume the role of principal accounting officer while Netflix searches for a permanent replacement.
Neumann will not receive any additional compensation in connection with assuming the responsibilities of the principal accounting officer, according to the filing.

One thought on “Netflix Chief Accounting Officer Ken Barker Quitting”

  1. It is probably because NETFLIX has gone to the dogs by offering child pornography and other sexual deviant behavior shows. THAT WAS WHY CANCELLED OUR SUBSCRIPTION and we are not going back.

    Netflix is losing money badly. MAYBE THEY SHOULD INVESTIGATE ‘WHY’. Simple. DROP ALL THE SMUT.

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