Netflix Announces 2023 Original Korean Content Slate

Korean content has been good to Netflix. More than 60% of Netflix’s global 223 million subscribers watched Korean content in 2022, and the streamer’s original 2021 dystopian series “Squid Game,” in which contestants face life-or-death decisions, remains Netflix’s most-viewed content ever.

Netflix Jan. 16 announced 34 upcoming Korean titles with a common theme of “survival,” whether it’s battling monsters during the dark days of 1945 in “Gyeongseong Creature,” struggling to breathe in the dystopian future of sci-fi series “Black Knight,” or fighting to protect Joseon during Japanese colonial rule in the action drama “Song of the Bandits.”

Other returning shows include “Sweet Home,” “D.P.,” and “The Glory.” Part two of the latter revenge drama will be released in March, with part one being the most-watched, non-English TV show during the week of Jan. 2, with 82.5 million viewing hours. “Sweet Home,” which set new viewership benchmarks for the creature genre in Korea, will return with an expanded world and story, while “D.P.” brings back the cast from the first season to continue chasing after deserters.

“Over the last year, Korean series and films have regularly featured in our Global Top 10 list in more than 90 countries, and three of Netflix’s most-watched shows ever are from Korea,” Don Kang, VP of Content Korea, said in a statement. “This year, we’re pushing the envelope even further with the stories we tell and how we tell them.”

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Other new series this year include “A Time Called You,” “Behind Your Touch” (WT), “Crash Course in Romance,” “Destined With You,” “Doona!,” “King the Land,” “Love to Hate You,” “See You In My 19th Life,” “Bloodhounds,” “Celebrity,” “Mask Girl,”Daily Dose of Sunshine,” “Queenmaker,” “The Good Bad Mother” and apocalyptic “Goodbye Earth.”

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