Mystery Thriller ‘The Unscarred’ Among Titles Due on Blu-ray Feb. 27 From Severin and MVD

Mystery Thriller ‘The Unscarred’ Among Titles Due on Blu-ray Feb. 27 From Severin and MVD

The mystery thriller The Unscarred and the horror titles The Dead One and Raiders of the Living Dead are due on Blu-ray Disc Feb. 27 from Severin Films and MVD Entertainment Group.

In The Unscarred (2000), for his third feature film — and first outside his native Staten Island — writer/director Buddy Giovinazzo (Combat Shock, No Way Home) delivered an intense new take on alienation, desperation and retribution. It follows the effects of a shocking accident in 1979 that rocked the student exchange program at Stanford University and forever changed the trajectory of four young lives. Twenty years later, an impromptu reunion in Berlin turns the sins of the past into an explosion of lust, deception, dark secrets and cold-blooded murder. James Russo (Donnie Brasco), Steven Waddington (Sleepy Hollow), Heino Ferch (Downfall) and Ornella Muti (Leonor) star in this extreme neo-noir, now scanned in 2K from pre-print German vault elements with two hours of new special features for the first time ever in America. Special features include audio commentary with director Buddy Giovinazzo, moderated by Severin Films’ David Gregory; “Once Upon a Time in East Berlin,” an interview with actor James Russo; “Run Johann Run,” an interview with actor Heino Ferch; and the trailer.

In the early ’80s, Independent-International co-founder/president Samuel M. Sherman (Dracula vs. Frankestein) took an unfinished zombie movie by Brett Piper (Queen Crab) and began tinkering to make Raiders of the Living Dead (1986). He shot additional scenes featuring nuclear terrorists, a mad doctor, a kid (former child star Scott Schwartz of A Christmas Story, The Toy and New Wave Hookers 5 fame) who converts a laserdisc player into a ray gun, 1930s cowboy star Bob Allen, a roasted hamster, The Three Stooges and retired octogenarian Zita Johann (The Mummy), then added an unstoppable earworm of an opening credits song to create a drive-in epic. The film is now scanned in 2K from the negative of the final release version, with more than four hours of new and archival special features, including two previous cuts in their entirety, that reveal the full insane saga. Special features include audio commentary with director/producer Samuel M. Sherman; audio commentary with actor Robert Deveau; “Things to Do in Jersey When You’re Dead,” featuring interviews with Fangoria writer Tim Ferrante, editor John Donaldson and soundtrack composer George Edward Ott; “The Weird Stranger,” a short film produced by Samuel M. Sherman;
“Dark Nights and Dying Days,” a behind-the-scenes stills gallery; “Documents of the Dead,” a production gallery; and the trailer.

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Barry Mahon was a decorated WWII fighter pilot, escaped P.O.W., manager of Errol Flynn during the actor’s sordid final years, kiddie matinee visionary, and more. In 1960, Mahon wrote/produced/directed what is likely the first full-color zombie movie in exploitation history with The Dead One (1961). In the film, just outside of New Orleans, a plantation mistress summons her brother to rise from the dead for a bizarre low-budget voyage of voodoo vengeance, jazz piano, strip clubs, honeymoon romance, Creole horror, and natty zombie attire. John McKay (Cuban Rebel Girls), Linda Ormond, and Monica Davis (Rocket Attack U.S.A.) star in this regional rarity also released as Blood of the Zombie and now scanned in 2K from the IP in its proper aspect ratio for the first time ever. Special features include an audio interview with distributor Samuel M. Sherman; “The Crazy Wild and Crazy Life of Barry Mahon,” an interview with author/filmmaker C. Courtney Joyner on writer/producer/director Barry Mahon; and the trailer.

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