MPN Podcast: Hollywood Strike Talk; Netflix Expands Its Gaming Ambitions

MPN Podcast: Hollywood Strike Talk; Netflix Expands Its Gaming Ambitions

On this month’s episode of the Media Play News podcast, hosts Charles Parkman and Charlie Showley conduct an interview with Adam Conover, a representative for the striking actors and writers in negotiations with the Hollywood studios. Conover shares some of the background reasons that led to the strike in the first place. As Charlie and Charles unpack this interview they touch on some of the longer term trends of the industry and how it may be existentially threatened by film and TV production overseas and the exploding popularity of sites such as YouTube and Twitch. While the exact resolution of the strikes is still uncertain, it’s probable the consumer will be saddled with $5 lifts in all of their streaming subscriptions.

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Netflix has branched out from a modest gaming library on mobile to two indie games streamed to select TVs and PCs in Canada and the United Kingdom. Charlie is deeply skeptical of the idea of gaming streaming because of his subpar experience with such services. At the same time, companies such as Netflix, Xbox, and Sony are simultaneously building the infrastructure that will support game streaming and perhaps in another five years it won’t be as bad. Until then, Charlie and Charles will keep gaming on their home consoles.

The hosts conclude the show by gushing about Barbie, writing off Oppenheimer, and revisiting, yet again, the Hollywood writers’ and actors’ strike. With Barbie, a movie the hosts expected to be pretty good ended up being incredible with a loud sense of style and terrific performances from its leads. As for Oppenheimer the hosts are down on Christopher Nolan after his previous movie Tenet disappointed.

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