Movies Anywhere and Data

Overlooked in the quibbles with digital rights collection service Movies Anywhere (Why no TV shows? Where are Paramount and Lionsgate?) is a potential killer app that those in the transactional business may have overlooked — data.

At last month’s Entertainment Merchants Association OTT_X@ Pipeline 2019 conference in Los Angeles, Movies Anywhere GM Karin Gilford noted, “We’re using data in a ton of ways.

“We’re using a lot of the same in­dustry data that you guys consume to make product decisions and now complementing that with robust usage data that we have in the app,” she said.

Usage data, that is the key. Nev­er before has the industry had cross-studio, cross-retailer usage data like this. It’s gold.

Subscription video-on-demand data from Netflix and Amazon Prime are closely guarded by those services, which may be part of the reason why the impending Disney+, Apple TV+ and others are charging a nominal sub fee to gather customers and data.

Movies Anywhere is a “Netflix for transactional,” an unprecedent­ed view into the buying habits and libraries of movie collectors. And Gilford noted that the service is add­ing theatrical information, including Rotten Tomatoes ratings, to gauge which films consumers most desire.

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“Studios having visibility into that data is going to make for a more powerful home entertainment busi­ness and a more powerful EST busi­ness,” Gilford said.

Yes, data is power. Just ask Face­book and Google.

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  1. Data should also show, I don’t buy physical Blu-ray discs that don’t come with MA anymore. So I tend not to buy anything from especially Paramount, MGM and Lionsgate.

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