‘Morbius’ Lands Atop DVD and Blu-ray Sales Chart for June; ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Still No. 1 for 2022

‘Morbius’ Lands Atop DVD and Blu-ray Sales Chart for June; ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Still No. 1 for 2022

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment’s Morbius was No. 1 on the top 10 list of physical-media sales for June 2022, according to the NPD Group’s VideoScan tracking service that compiles DVD and Blu-ray transactions.

The Marvel Comics adaptation stars Jared Leto as a scientists who injects himself with bat DNA hoping to cure a blood disorder, only to develop vampire-like superpowers. It was released on disc June 14 and spent two weeks atop the weekly sales charts.

This is the third consecutive month a Sony release topped the monthly chart, and the fourth time in the first six months of the year, following Ghostbusters: Afterlife in February, Spider-Man: No Way Home in April, and Uncharted in May.

Uncharted, the adaptation of the treasure hunting video game franchise of the same, name, dropped in No. 6 in June.

The No. 2 title in June had also been No. 2 in May: Warner’s The Batman. Director Matt Reeves’ relaunch of DC Comics’ Caped Crusader was released on disc May 24, splitting its overall sales between the two months to prevent it from reaching the top sales spot in either.

The No. 3 seller in June was Paramount’s 1986 fighter jet actioner Top Gun, which got a big boost from the theatrical success of its oft-delayed sequel, Top Gun: Maverick. It had been No. 8 in May.

The next-highest June disc release on the chart was Warner’s Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore at No. 4. The latest “Harry Potter” prequel arrived on shelves June 28.

The No. 5 disc in June was Universal’s The Bad Guys, DreamWorks Animation’s adaptation of the Scholastic book series about animal villains trying to convince they world they’ve turned good. It was released on disc June 21.

The only other June release in the month’s top 10 was Universal’s Viking revenge drama The Northman, at No. 8.

The top seller of 2022 to date, Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man: No Way Home, slipped to No. 7 on the sellers list for June.

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The year-to-date top 10 saw some minor shifting in June. Universal’s Sing 2 rose a spot to No. 4 for the year, pushing Disney’s Encanto to No. 5.

The Batman climbed onto the yearly top 10 at No. 6. Uncharted rose a spot to No. 7, while Paramount’s Yellowstone: Season 4 dropped two spots to No. 8. The James Bond actioner No Time to Die, an MGM production distributed by Universal, dropped two spots to No. 9, while Disney’s Marvel movie Eternals slid a spot to No. 10.

Universal’s Halloween Kills was pushed out of the yearly top 10.

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According to NPD, the June 2022 top 10 by units sold were:

  1. Morbius (Sony Pictures)
  2. The Batman (Warner)
  3. Top Gun (Paramount)
  4. Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore (Warner)
  5. The Bad Guys (Universal/DreamWorks)
  6. Uncharted (Sony Pictures)
  7. Spider-Man: No Way Home (Sony Pictures)
  8. The Northman (Universal)
  9. Sing 2 (Universal)
  10. Dog (Warner/MGM)


Year-to-Date Top 10 (through June 2022):

  1. Spider-Man: No Way Home (Sony Pictures)
  2. Ghostbusters: Afterlife (Sony Pictures)
  3. Dune: Part One (Warner)
  4. Sing 2 (Universal)
  5. Encanto (Disney)
  6. The Batman (Warner)
  7. Uncharted (Sony Pictures)
  8. Yellowstone: Season Four (Paramount)
  9. No Time to Die (Universal/MGM)
  10. Eternals (Disney/Marvel)


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