Millennials Devoted to Amazon for Tech Shopping

A new study from consumer-tech communications firm Max Borges Agency has found that millennials are highly devoted to online retail giant Amazon. In a survey of 1,108 U.S. millennials conducted May 30 to June 14, fewer than one in four said they would buy a tech product elsewhere if it wasn’t available through the online retailer, according to the “How America’s Largest Living Generation Shops Amazon” report.

When asked if they would give up sex and alcohol for a year versus giving up Amazon, 77% choose Amazon over alcohol, and 44% chose Amazon over sex.

Prime shipping was a huge motivator for three of four millennials in purchasing tech on Amazon. In an analysis of shopping habits, the report found that 78% purchased between one and five tech devices on Amazon in the past year; 61% shopped while awake in the middle of the night; and 57% shopped while working. Almost half of respondents shopped while using the bathroom, and 19% admitted to purchasing tech goods while intoxicated.

Tech purchases outweighed all others, at 61%, followed closely by clothing, shoes and jewelry at 60%. The survey found smartphones were least likely to be purchased on Amazon, as respondents still look to brand retailers for assistance, pricing and compatibility. Headphones and mobile accessories, like phone cases, dominated the category, at 54% and 53%, respectively, while only 27% shopped for virtual assistants like the Amazon Echo.

Other millennial shopping patterns uncovered by the report include

  • 71% shopped for tech products on their mobile device;
  • 45% open the Amazon app at least once a day;
  • 84% discover new products on Amazon;
  • 87% research products on Amazon;
  • 90% consult Amazon Customer Reviews before making a tech purchase on the site.

Nearly half who discover consumer tech brands or products on a blog or news site will go to Amazon to buy it.

For higher-cost items, millennial shoppers typically spend more than a week to research it, with two in five consulting expert reviews, and three in four visiting the brand’s site before ultimately buying on Amazon, according to the report.

Customer reviews are a major factor in millennial purchasing decisions, with only 8% likely to buy a product with a three-star Amazon review, rising to 47% with a four-star review.

“Shopping on Amazon has become second nature for many of us, and has become a powerful hub for the online purchase of consumer tech products,” said Lindsay Stuart, VP of business intelligence at Max Borges Agency. “Where millennials are concerned, we wanted to show exactly how relevant this retailer is to the group, and why brands need to understand their research and shopping habits, and how better to serve this generation.”

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