Mike’s Picks: ‘Year of the Dragon’ and ‘The Return of Frank James’

Year of the Dragon

Available via Warner Archive
Warner, Drama, $21.99 Blu-ray, ‘R.’
Stars Mickey Rourke, John Lon, Ariane.
A handsome-plus howler whose saturated colors synch keenly with its Blu-ray presentation, the late Michael Cimino’s violent camp-fest Year of the Dragon remains an ideal culinary companion for the viewing demographic seeking just the right movie to go with its six-pack breakfast while waiting for the repo man to arrive.
Extras: Includes a Cimino commentary carried over from the earlier DVD release.
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The Return of Frank James

Available via
Twilight Time, Drama, $29.95 Blu-ray, NR.
Stars Henry Fonda, Gene Tierney, Jackie Cooper, John Carradine.
This sequel to 1939’s Jesse James is attractively slicked-up escapism that has the added historical benefit of featuring Gene Tierney’s screen debut in a fairly sizable role.
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