A Message to Our Readers — Continuing Coverage In These Trying Times

The novel coronavirus has everyone on edge, and the immediate impact of the disease as well as any long-term economic ramifications remain unknown. With so much uncertainty, information is essential, and we at Media Play News are working hard to strike a balance between coverage of the pandemic as it affects our business and regular coverage of an industry that continues to evolve and move forward.

On our end, that means more news and analysis than ever, which is why you might have noticed that our daily newsletter has more stories than ever — and you are also getting more breaking news alerts, even on the weekend.

As a source of information for the home entertainment industry, we welcome any input from our readers on the effect of the crisis. We would like to act as a clearinghouse of information for our industry so that everyone can share strategies and best practices to get us through this unprecedented challenge.

Please feel free to contact us directly. My email address is, and my personal mobile number is 714-225-4082. You may also reach editor Stephanie Prange at or 714-307-3228.

One thought on “A Message to Our Readers — Continuing Coverage In These Trying Times”

  1. Never in our history have we been able to save the human race by laying on our couch and watching TV. Let’s not screw this up.

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