Merchandising: Fans Clamoring for ‘Ghostbusters’ Limited-Edition Set

The big new release of Feb. 1, Sony Pictures’ Ghostbusters: Afterlife, arrived on Blu-ray and DVD without the big retailers offering any sort of exclusive editions of the title.

In fact, many Targets and Walmarts, at least in the Orange County, Calif., area, didn’t even bother to update their new-release displays with the new “Ghostbusters” movie or Paramount’s Clifford the Big Red Dog through the afternoon on Tuesday, continuing a trend of apathy toward the Tuesday release date that has been prevalent since the beginning of the pandemic.

In addition, some “Ghostbusters” fans were a bit peeved that the “Ultimate Edition” three-pack of Afterlife with its 1980s predecessors in premium packaging with exclusive trilogy bonus discs had such a limited run that it was marked as sold out weeks ago during preorders, prompting sites such as to urge Sony to produce more. Copies of the set, which was sold for $99.99 at Amazon, were going for north of $200 on eBay.

This of course comes after the brouhaha over the Ultimate Edition excluding the 2016 “Ghostbusters” reboot movie. Once fans got their hands on the sets, however, Sony’s woes continued with a litany of quality control issues, the most common complaint being either that a duplicate 4K disc of the original Ghostbusters had been incorrectly included in the Ghostbusters II case, or vice versa with a duplicate Ghostbusters II disc in the Ghostbusters case. Other reports found the booklet that is included with the set arrived with significant damage, such as a cover folded in half (which wouldn’t have been damaged during shipping — it had to have been inserted into the box like that).

Duplicated ‘Ghostbusters’ 4K Discs
Duplicated ‘Ghostbusters II’ 4K Discs
Damaged ‘Making Ghostbusters’ Booklet

In regards to the discs, at least, some fans arranged swaps on social media in order to get the correct ones. Returning the sets to retail for replacements isn’t an option of course because, as previously mentioned, it has been sold out for weeks. Fans can also reach out to Sony’s customer service department at or 800-860-2878. Amazon has also been given partial refunds on defective sets.

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Without new exclusives, Best Buy touted preorders for some of its upcoming Steelbook releases, such as Warner’s Catwoman: Hunted on 4K Feb. 8 at $34.99; Lionsgate’s La La Land on 4K Feb. 8 for $19.99; Disney’s Encanto on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Feb. 8 at $34.99; Marvel’s Eternals on 4K Feb. 15 at $34.99; and Disney-owned 20th Century Studios’ The King’s Man in a three-movie “Kingsman” 4K set Feb. 22 at $58.99.

Best Buy’s ‘Eternals’ Steelbook

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