Merchandising: Charting ‘Uncharted’ at Retail

May 10 marked the Blu-ray and DVD release of titles such as Sony Pictures’ Uncharted and Warner’s Dog. But an afternoon check of some stores around the Orange County, Calif., area indicated it was one of those weeks in which clerks were in no rush to stock the shelves with copies of them.

Displays at a Walmart in Westminster, Calif., and Target in Seal Beach, Calif., at around 3 p.m. on new-release day showed no signs that the titles even existed.

They were available on the chains’ websites, where the only exclusive edition appeared to be a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray combo pack at Walmart with some pack-in trading cards. However, Walmart’s website listed it as sold out, and it vanished from searches within a few hours.

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There is a Steelbook edition of the Uncharted 4K combo pack, though it doesn’t appear to be exclusive to Best Buy this time as nearly every retailer has it, though it is pricier than typical Steelbooks. Best Buy listed the Uncharted Steelbook at $59.99. Target had it as an online exclusive for $56.99. Amazon had it for $44.99.

The Uncharted Steelbook appears to be an American repackaging of an international exclusive from British retailer Zavvi. The American version also includes a replica of Nate’s ring from the film.

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