Merchandising: Best Buy Unleashes ‘Rambo’ Steelbook Set

Lionsgate’s much-anticipated 4K Ultra HD Steelbook boxed set of the five “Rambo” films finally arrived at retail Oct. 27 exclusively at Best Buy.

The set, priced at $94.99, contains individual Steelbook cases for all five films inside a larger Steelbook box, and includes 4K and standard Blu-ray discs, plus a digital copy for each film. As an added bonus, a digital copy of the previously unreleased extended cut of the fifth film, Rambo: Last Blood also is included, with a note from director and star Sylvester Stallone.

A check of shelves at a Best Buy location in Costa Mesa, Calif., the afternoon of Oct. 27 found no copies had yet been stocked on the floor. A clerk pulled about eight copies out of the back room, and most had some sort of damage in the form of dents to the Steelbook cases, likely sustained during shipping.

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Also noticeable at the store: most of the shelves allotted to packaged media such as DVD and Blu-ray were empty and stocked to about 25% capacity.

For the week, Best Buy also offered a Blu-ray Steelbook of the My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising movie from Funimation, for $27.99.

Best Buy’s ‘My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising’ Steelbook

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