Major Pay-TV Providers Upped Q2 Subscriber Losses 56% to More Than 1.92 Million

The nation’s largest pay-TV providers — representing about 92% of the market — lost about 1.92 million net video subscribers in the second quarter (ended June 30) compared with a net loss of 1.23 million in the previous-year period, according to data from Leichtman Research Group.

The top pay-TV providers now account for about 72.2 million subscribers — with the top seven cable companies having about 39.5 million video subs, other traditional pay-TV services having about 25.5 million subs, and the top publicly reporting online TV services having about 7.2 million subs.

Leichtman found that the top cable providers had a net loss of about 950,000 video subs in Q2 compared with a loss of about 590,000 subs in Q2 2021. Other pay-TV services had a net loss of about 710,000 subs, compared with a loss of about 700,000 subs in Q2 2021.

Online TV services had a net loss of about 265,000 subs in Q2, compared with a gain of about 55,000 subs last year.

“The second quarter of 2022 marked the second-consecutive quarter with over 1.9 million net pay-TV losses,” Bruce Leichtman, president and principal analyst, said in a statement. “Over the past year, top pay-TV providers had a net loss of about 5,425,000 subs, compared to a net loss of about 4,550,000 subs over the prior year.”

Pay-TV Providers Subscribers at end of 2Q 2022 Net Adds in 2Q 2022
Cable Companies
Comcast 17,144,000 (520,000)
Charter 15,495,000 (226,000)
Cox* 3,230,000 (80,000)
Altice 2,574,200 (84,500)
Mediacom 540,000 (15,000)
Breezeline 332,312 (6,709)
Cable One 221,000 (17,000)
Total Top Cable 39,536,512 (949,209)
Other Traditional Services
DIRECTV^ 13,900,000 (400,000)
DISH TV (DBS) 7,791,000 (202,000)
Verizon Fios (Telco) 3,479,000 (87,000)
Frontier (Telco) 343,000 (20,000)
Total Top Other Traditional 25,513,000 (709,000)
Internet-Delivered (vMVPD)
Hulu + Live TV 4,000,000 (100,000)
Sling TV 2,197,000 (55,000)
fuboTV 946,735 (109,510)


Total Top vMVPD^^ 7,143,735 (264,510)
Total Top Providers 72,193,247 (1,922,719)

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