Machine Technology Translation Provider Launches Newest Sets of ‘Context Awareness’ Language Pairs

Machine Technology Translation Provider Launches Newest Sets of ‘Context Awareness’ Language Pairs

 XL8 Inc., a Silicon Valley tech company that provides AI-powered machine translation technology optimized for media content, Oct. 24 announced its newest sets of Context Awareness (CA) language pairs.

XL8’s language pairs are designed to increase the translation and subtitling accuracy for localization service providers (LSP). 

XL8 says its language pairs deliver new workflow efficiencies for LSPs in terms of less post-editing work and a 32% reduction in project delivery times. These newest models bring the company’s total number of context-aware language pairs to 40. By the end of 2022, all of XL8’s 73 engines will be context-aware.

XL8’s application of context awareness in its machine translation technology enhances the immersive experiences for audiences watching live or pre-recorded streaming or broadcast content. XL8’s context awareness engine does what was previously the sole domain of humans, accurately considering the context of a conversation and evaluating the subtle differences of gender, slang, formalities, multiple word meanings, and other language intricacies.

A third-party committee of content localization service providers tested the new models for translating from English to Latin Spanish using several categories of programming (such as sci-fi, comedy, food, travel, drama). The tests were conducted with and without the XL8 context awareness model applied. While both sets performed well, the accuracy of XL8’s CA model averaged 95.5% and the normal model average was 91.2%.

Overall, XL8 says, the context awareness model was more accurate regarding gender and formality consistency among multiple subtitles. While both performed well at providing coherent sentences, even when faced with misspelled words or odd phrasings, the context awareness model was more accurate with certain categories like food, where dishes were described in extreme detail with long lists of ingredients.

XL8 was founded in 2019 by technical executives from Google and Apple, both with advanced degrees in Computer Science from Columbia University. XL8 says its advanced technology allows significantly more-efficient workflows by providing inline editing, automated media transcription with time coding, automated subtitling, synthesized voice dubbing, real-time meeting interpretation, and live subtitling. 

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