‘Lost’ Film Advocacy Group Publishes Wish List of Movies They’d Like to See

The group Missing Movies, which advocates for the preservation and release of “lost” films, has published a list of “101 Missing Movies We’d Like to See.”

The group has chosen its top 101 (mostly North American) films that they hope will become more readily available for home viewing this year, according to Missing Movies. The list includes features such as Robert Duvall’s Angelo, My Love,  Vernon Zimmerman’s Deadhead Miles, Elaine May’s The Heartbreak Kid, Liz White’s Othello and Allen Baron’s Terror in the City, and documentaries including Jim Brown’s The Weavers: Wasn’t That a Time, Bob Dylan’s Eat the Document, Frederick Wiseman’s The Garden, and Marcels Ophuls’s The Memory of Justice

“This is not a definitive list since films are continuously being discovered and released by companies such as Criterion, Kino Lorber, Milestone, Flicker Alley, Kanopy, and others, but we are publishing this list to start the conversation,” read a statement from Missing Movies.

The group was formed to call attention to the thousands of titles that are currently out of distribution and “tragically missing,” according to Missing Movies.

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Letterboxd’s Mitchell Beaupre has written an accompanying article and has collected short essays by Missing Movies board members and advisors on the movies they miss most.

Missing Movies, a nonprofit organization, was founded in 2022 to help publicize the problem of films that are unavailable (legally) to the general public because of rights/clearances, materials, or “distributor indifference.”

Missing Movies reports it has begun to identify and catalog thousands of lost films and is reaching out to directors of older films to help them recover rights and find materials. The board of directors and advisory board members are also appearing on panels at film festivals to help filmmakers currently in production strategize to insure their films are preserved for the future, including adding contract language that will keep them advised when rights or materials are moved.

Missing Movies board of directors members are Mary Harron, Rich Guay, Nancy Savoca, Sue Bodine, Ira Deutchman, Amy Heller and Dennis Doros.

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