Lionsgate Ups Jen Hollingsworth to COO of Motion Picture Group

Lionsgate Ups Jen Hollingsworth to COO of Motion Picture Group

Lionsgate March 20 announced the promotion of Jens Hollingsworth to chief operating officer of the motion picture group.

Hollingsworth, who has been with Lionsgate since 2007 when it acquired Mandate Pictures, previously was EVP of strategic planning and operations.

She will spearhead strategic planning, analysis and control daily operations. She will also engage in cross-company initiatives designed to ensure that each movie maximizes its ancillary potential throughout the company’s multiple entertainment platforms, including home entertainment, digital distribution and over-the-top video.

“Jen is one of the most exceptional and talented motion picture business strategists working in our industry today,” Jeff Drake, chairman of the motion picture group, said in a statement. “She knows this company inside and out, is skilled, experienced and is the ideal COO.”

Hollingsworth’s promotion comes as Lionsgate struggles at the domestic box office with just 5.5% market share. Through March 17, the studio has generated less than $110 million in domestic ticket sales of six theatrical releases.

Indeed, Lionsgate’s Robin Hood reportedly was the biggest fiscal theatrical bomb in 2018, generating just $14 million in its first week of release on a budget of $100 million. The title, which eventually generated $30.8 million domestically ($84.7 million globally), was released into retail channels in February.

Robin Hood

Regardless, Drake says Hollingsworth is “the best” at understanding the marriage of business opportunities and the creative aspirations of filmmakers.

“Our company just got stronger with Jen in this role,” he said.


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