Lionsgate Ups Fiscal-Year 2022 Home Entertainment Revenue

Lionsgate reported fiscal-year 2022 (ended March 31) home entertainment revenue of $612.1 million, which was up almost 2% from revenue of $601 million during the previous fiscal year. Driving the increase was transactional VOD, including sales, which topped $497 million, up almost 8% from revenue of $461.5 million in the previous-year period.

The increase in digital media revenue primarily related to a Lionsgate Original Release direct-to-platform (i.e., SVOD) motion picture licensing agreement in fiscal 2022.

These increases were offset partially by 17% lower packaged-media home entertainment revenue ($115 million) and other revenue. Sales of Blu-ray Disc and DVD movies topped $139.5 million in 2021.

Motion picture revenue included $38 million of revenue from licensing motion picture segment product to the media networks segment, representing an increase of $18.2 million from fiscal 2021.

In fiscal 2022, about $14.1 million of theatrical and premium VOD expense was incurred in advance for films to be released in subsequent quarters (The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, The Unbreakable Boy, The Devil’s Light, Borderlands), compared with approximately $7.2 million in fiscal 2021.

In television programming, Lionsgate generated $92 million in home entertainment revenue, which was down almost 31% from revenue of $132.8 million in 2021. Digital revenue topped $85 million, down 33% from revenue of $127 million in 2021.

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