Lionsgate Inks NFT Deal With Tom Brady Company

Lionsgate July 21 announced it has signed a deal with Autograph, a non-fungible token-based (NFT) business marketing athlete’s collectible digital assets co-founded by NFL superstar Tom Brady.

NFTs have been around since 2017, but have risen in popularity recently in entertainment circles as a way for artists, content holders and businesses to better monetize their assets digitally. An NFT asset has a unique digital code embedded that enables the original owner to receive a percentage of sales whenever their prowess or content is sold to a new owner.

Lionsgate will launch Autograph’s entertainment vertical with several film and television properties. The first wave of collectible content will focus on movie franchises “John Wick,” “The Hunger Games,” “Dirty Dancing” and “The Twilight Saga,” in addition to TV series “Mad Men.”

“NFTs present a tremendous opportunity for mixed-reality world building experiences, deepening user engagement and interaction and fostering a community for our hundreds of millions of global consumers to create one-of-a-kind digital collections and Autograph is the optimal destination for this discovery,” Jenefer Brown, EVP and head of Lionsgate Global Live, Interactive & Location-Based Entertainment, said in a statement.

Autograph, which inked exclusive NFT deals with Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretzky, Derek Jeter, Naomi Osaka and Tony Hawk, in addition to digital sports entertainment company DraftKings. Woods & Co. will be joining Autograph’s advisory board to help market the platform and concept.

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