LG Bows New Portable Projector for Streaming Video Content

LG Electronics Jan. 23 announced the availability of its new CineBeam Smart Portable Projector. Weighing 2.2 pounds, the PF510Q  model ($599) is designed to deliver a streaming video home theater experience in any room.

CineBeam Smart Portable Projector

The PF510Q is designed to be easy to carry from room to room or on the go and presents a range of HD resolution display sizes from 30 inches up to 120 inches, allowing users to watch movies or play video games whether they’re in a small dorm room or watching a movie in their backyard. The device’s “auto vertical keystone” feature adjusts the vertical alignment, eliminating tilts and distortion for crisper views.

The projector offers smart access to myriad streaming services and devices, including Disney+, Prime Video, YouTube, Apple TV+ and webOS 22. The PF510Q’s Apple Air Play and Apple Home compatibility features enable wireless control of the projector plus streaming capabilities from Apple devices.

Content can be wirelessly casted from Android devices to the projector screen using integrated Screenshare.

The projector’s Bluetooth Audio Dual Out feature enables the user to customize their listening preferences — whether pairing two Bluetooth devices to watch with a friend or amplifying a movie with two external speakers.

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