Leichtman: Pay-TV Operators Up Q1 Sub Loss to 1.95 Million

New data from the Leichtman Research Group found that the largest pay-TV providers in the U.S. — representing about 93% of the market — lost more than 1.95 million net video subscribers in the first quarter, ended March 31. That compared with a net loss of 1.91 million subs in the previous-year period.

The top pay-TV operators now account for about 74.1 million subs — with the top seven cable companies having about 40.5 million video subs, other traditional pay-TV services having 26.2 million subs, and the top publicly reporting online pay-TV services having about 7.4 million subs.

Leichtman found that the top cable providers had a net loss of about 825,000 video subs in the quarter, compared to a loss of about 780,000 subs in the same period in 2021. Other traditional pay-TV services had a net loss of about 625,000 subs, down from a loss of about 865,000 subs in 1Q 2021.

Top publicly reporting online TV platforms, such as Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV and Fubo TV, had a net loss of about 505,000 subs, compared to a loss of about 265,000 subs in 1Q 2021.

“Over the past year, top pay-TV providers had a net loss of 4.735 million subs, similar to a loss of about 4.82 million over the prior year,” Bruce Leichtman, president and principal analyst for Leichtman Research Group, said in a statement.

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Pay-TV Providers Subscribers at end of 1Q 2022 Net Adds in 1Q 2022
Cable Companies
Comcast 17.664 million (512,000)
Charter 15.721 million (112,000)
Cox 3.310 million (80,000)
Altice 2.658 million (73,600)
Mediacom 555,000 (17,000)
Breezeline 339,021 (7,708)
Cable One 238,000 (23,000)
Total Top Cable 40.485 million (825,308)
Other Traditional Services
DirecTV 14.300 million (300,000)
DISH TV (DBS) 7.993 million (228,000)
Verizon Fios (Telco) 3.566 million (78,000)
Frontier (Telco) 363,000 (17,000)
Total Top Other Traditional 26.222 million (623,000)
Internet-Delivered (vMVPD)
Hulu + Live TV 4.100 million (200,000)
Sling TV 2.252 million (234,000)
fuboTV 1.056 million (73,562)


Total Top Online TV 7.408 million (507,562)
Total Top Providers 74.115 million 1.955 million

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