Kino Lorber Readies Collection of 21 Avant-Garde Silent Films Spanning 102 Years

Kino Lorber is readying a collection of 21 silent avant-garde films for release on Blu-ray Disc and digitally Feb. 21.

The films span 102 years (the first was made in 1920; the most recent, in 2022) and have a combined run time of 188 minutes. 

Silent Avant-Garde features 21 short art film experiments in HD to 5K scans made from 35mm and 16mm picture elements. Highlights include brand new digital restorations of classic experimental films The Enchanted City (1922), Return to Reason (1923), Ballet Mechanique (1924, 1931), The Twenty-Four Dollar Island (1925), Eisenstein Mexican Footage (1930), Escape, Synchromy No. 4 (1938), The Eclipse (1936-1949), Look Park (1973), and Tenga fe (2022).

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Each film features original silent film music specially prepared, composed, improvised and/or performed by a master of experimental new music. Represented directors include Robert J. Flaherty, Sergei Eisenstein, Grigori Alexandrov, Eduard Tisse, Rrose Sélavy (pseudonym for Marcel Duchamp), and Al Brick.

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