JustWatch: ‘The Old Man,’ ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ Top June Streaming

JustWatch: ‘The Old Man,’ ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ Top June Streaming

The FX/Hulu limited series “The Old Man” was the most-streamed title in June, according to data from JustWatch, which tracks more than 20 million users’ monthly streaming choices across 54 countries.

The series, starring Jeff Bridges as an ex-CIA operative who has to defend himself against would-be assassins, has been dominating weekly streaming since bowing its first episode on June 16.

On the feature film front, A24’s Everything Everywhere All at Once topped all movies, which included the 1986 original Top Gun and The Northman, the latter appealing to streamers despite bombing at the box office with just a $12 million opening weekend.

Everything Everywhere stars Michelle Yeoh as a flustered immigrant mother who is contacted from a parallel universe and told that only she can save the world. The unlikely hero must learn to channel her newfound powers and fight through the splintering timelines of the multiverse to save her home, her family and herself.

Other top-performing series last month included “Yellowstone” on Paramount+ and Netflix’s “Dark Winds.”

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