Jackie Chan Actioner ‘Gorgeous’ Due on Blu-ray April 11 From MVD and 88 Films

The Jackie Chan action adventure Gorgeous (1999) will be released on Blu-ray Disc April 11 from MVD Entertainment Group and 88 Films.

In the film, young and beautiful Bu (Shu Qi, The Transporter) finds a romantic message in a bottle near her family restaurant in Taiwan. On a whim, she flies to Hong Kong to meet her potential soulmate, who turns out to be Albert (Tony Leung, Infernal Affairs), a gay beautician pining for his ex. Taking pity on the girl, he brings her to his workplace, where she falls for the wealthy and lonely C.N. Chan (Jackie Chan, Rush Hour, Supercop). But when Chan’s lifelong enemy Lo discovers Chan has a new love, he decides to ruin their happiness.

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The film, which garnered a 36th Golden Horse Award nomination for Jackie Chan (Best Action Choreography) and a 19th Hong Kong Film Awards nomination for Jackie Chan (Best Action Choreography), also stars Emil Chau (Rumble in the Bronx) and Stephen Chow (Kung Fu Hustle).

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