Is Clint Eastwood Closing the Book on 60+ Year Career?

NEWS ANALYSIS — Clint Eastwood, the uniquely American cultural and cinematic icon, put out a cryptic social media post Sunday (July 18) evening that suggests the 91-year-old actor, Oscar-winning director and producer could be winding down a 60+ year career in the public eye.

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Eastwood, who started his career in the 1950s on television, has more than 65 movies to his credit, ranging from spaghetti westerns A Fistful of Dollars and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, the “Dirty Harry” franchise, and action comedies Every Which But Loose and Any Which Way You Can. He cemented his critical legacy in 1992, winning Best Director and Best Picture Oscars for Unforgiven.

In 2003, Eastwood directed Mystic River, which won Oscars for co-stars Sean Penn and Tim Robbins. Eastwood won again in 2004 with Million Dollar Baby, co-starring Hilary Swank, who also won an Oscar. The actor’s personal box office clout soared again in 2008, starring in and directing Gran Torino.

Eastwood’s latest effort, the Warner Bros. neo-western Cry Macho, in which he co-stars and directs, is set to debut theatrically and on HBO Max Sept. 17.

24 thoughts on “Is Clint Eastwood Closing the Book on 60+ Year Career?”

  1. He certainly has earned the right to retire, but it seems like he should just keep doing what he obviously loves the most and never stop until he can physically no longer perform those duties! Who knows what great film he’ll continue to produce!

    1. That’s right Clint Eastwood should still continue to do whatever he wants to do if he wants to make one movie or dozen movies it’s up to him he’s earned the right to do whatever he wants to do I believe he likes doing it to voices opinion on certain things. Nowadays this day and age he could never make the movies that he made it back in the past he would look politically incorrect. And I was still agree with him he’s the best I hope he lives so 150 God bless him for all the great work he has done!

  2. Clint needs to redo an updated version of the
    John Wayne movie the shootest. I think that would be awesome. Bring back some of the stars from the legendary western movie unforgiven to play In it.

    1. No way.” The Shootist” is John Wayne’s legacy film and will remain untouched. ” Unforgiven” is Clint’s Western swan song…unless ” Cry Macho” is a book end. Clint should quit when he feels like it and not an hour sooner.

  3. I can’t believe so many people fell for that

    Do you honestly believe Clint Eastwood would have less than 70,000 followers and not have a verified account?


  4. I agree 100 percent! Clint would be the
    Perfect Choice to play an aging gunfighter dying of cancer. He would do “the Duke” proud in last role he played before his death

  5. Thunderbolt and Lightfoot…still enjoy it….and many of Eastwood’s many movies. Hope he keeps going until he wants to stop…

  6. I will be a Clint Eastwood fan for ever . I watch all of his moves all the time just watched Outlaw Josey Wales this week. FIST FULL OF DOLLARS , and Hang-um High. I love and enjoy every move he has ever made.

  7. Mr Eastwood is one of the top 25 best male actors ever- if he wants to retire he deserves that right- Semper Fi Salute Sir

  8. Love what Don Rickles said “his mom never dreamed her son would be the Mayor of Carmel, CA.
    What’s not to love about that man and his movies. ♏️

  9. There has never been nor ever will be anyone as cool as Clint Eastwood. It comes naturally to him. You either have it or you don’t and he always had it. My favorites are all his spaghetti westerns. He’s so cool in him.

  10. Surely, Clint is one of the top few greatest stars of all time.
    I wish I could make him young again, so that he could make more great films over the coming decades.
    I particularly love the spaghetti
    Westerns. The man with no name… a great character!

  11. My first response is noooo. But I do understand. I just wanted to be an extra in one of his movies someday. It was always a childhood dream to go horseback riding with Clint Eastwood. He was one of my parents favorites so I got to watch everything he did. Big fan…Anna

  12. No way, no how!! Clint is just not ready to call it quits, well, not yet anyway!! He’s the best at what he does, and that’s acting, producing and directing!! Just like Black Sabbath’s old song goes, never say die!! You go Clint, we’re waiting patiently just to see what you have in store for the millions upon millions of fan’s you’ve got under you’re gun belt!! God bless you and yours, always!!

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