Irdeto Launches Next-Generation Piracy Control

Irdeto Launches Next-Generation Piracy Control

LAS VEGAS — Digital platform security firm Irdeto at the Consumer Electronics Show announced the launch of its next-generation piracy control solution.

The new online piracy detection and enforcement solution provides data-driven web video discovery tools with expert analyst oversight, multi-language site searches, integrated social media and search engine discovery, as well as peer-to-peer stream discovery such as SopCast and Ace Stream, according to Irdeto. These new features enable content owners and distributors to quickly and accurately identify and then shut down pirated content across streaming video on demand, direct download and hybrid pirate websites.

This data-driven approach allows Irdeto to “look at where web traffic is going,” rather than just checking the usual suspects for piracy, said Lawrence Low, VP, business development and sales for Irdeto.

“We’ve got to follow where the pirates are,” he said. “Sites come and go.”

Pirates have become increasingly sophisticated, he said, offering subscriptions and benefitting from advertising based on traffic.

“You go to these sites and they look legitimate,” he said.

Irdeto Piracy Control is a scalable solution that now offers artificial intelligence and machine learning for automatic logo detection, text and facial recognition, as well as video fingerprinting for automated tagging of metadata, according to the company. This provides a combination of flexibility, enhanced accuracy and speed. With watermarking built into the solution, content owners and operators now have the most robust anti-piracy solution to address growing piracy concerns, the company stated.

“The biggest threat to the content creation industry is content redistribution over the internet,” said Rory O’Connor, SVP of cybersecurity services, Irdeto. “As pirates become more business savvy, content owners, studios and operators need a trusted security partner who has the in-depth understanding of piracy and the technology expertise to implement a robust anti-piracy strategy to disrupt a pirate’s business model. Irdeto’s next-generation Piracy Control solution puts the content owner and distributor in the driver’s seat to protect their brand reputation and revenue.”

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