Interpret Research: Movie Theaters’ Loss Is Home Viewing’s Gain Post-Pandemic

Interpret Research: Movie Theaters’ Loss Is Home Viewing’s Gain Post-Pandemic

While people have started to resume watching movies at the theater, attendance in the United States is still only at about 64% of pre-pandemic visiting rates while home viewing has locked in gains from the pandemic, according to Interpret’s VideoWatch data.

The bump of people watching new releases at home — either through steaming services or digital rentals or purchases — that started during the pandemic has held steady and is not showing signs of any decline.

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Amid weak box office receipts, movie theaters are increasingly looking for creative ways to boost revenue, Interpret noted. In the latest ticket price experiment, AMC has announced plans to roll out Sightline — the mammoth theater chain’s version of tiered pricing that takes inspiration from Broadway and live sports and concert venues to vary the cost of admission based on seat location. With Sightline, premium seats in the center of the theater cost more while less-desirable seats, such as those in the front row, cost less. AMC is rolling out the initiative first in New York City, Chicago and Kansas City, and plans to expand the program across the country by the end of the year. Sightline is also constructed in such a way as to encourage joining the theater chain’s Stubs loyalty program and A-List subscription plan.

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