Interpret: FAST Viewers More Tolerant of Ads Than All Streamers

Interpret’s VideoWatch data shows that FAST viewers are more tolerant of advertising overall than all streaming viewers.

They are also more likely to enjoy ads that are interactive.

Interpret found FAST viewers are more likely than all streaming viewers not to mind long ads if they are relevant, humorous or intriguing to them. They  are also more likely to be OK with short ads of 10 seconds to 15 seconds.

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One thought on “Interpret: FAST Viewers More Tolerant of Ads Than All Streamers”

  1. I think “tolerate” is a terrible business proposition. Imagine a restaurant where the customers are willing to tolerate a menu item, tolerate a member of the waitstaff, or tolerate the cleanliness of the bathroom. Yet media companies want to see how many uninvited messages they can cram into programs to the point their viewers can still tolerate the intrusion.

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