Hulu Extends 99 Cents Per Month Deal

Online subscription service Hulu extended its Thanksgiving weekend deal of 99 cents per month for a year through 10 a.m. PST Nov. 27.

The deal is for the limited commercials plan only.

The offer is good to new subscribers and eligible returning subscribers who have not been Hulu subscribers in the past 12 months.

The price for the service is $7.99 after the 99 cents per month year.

13 thoughts on “Hulu Extends 99 Cents Per Month Deal”

  1. I’ve been trying to get on to sign up for the 99 cent special and it was just bogged down
    Now that I am able to finally register for the deal it has expired

    Is there a way for Hulu to honor the special 6 hours later

  2. I signed up for it a month ago and now they kicked me off when I thought I was getting it for 99 cents till November 2019. Messed up!

  3. I’m loving it. I came to hulu because Netflix stopped streaming Sons of Anarchy but Hulu streams it.
    So I’m super digging my hulu AND my .99 cent deal. I also loved the Gypsy Rose – THE ACT.
    I am Winning on Hulu!

  4. I have been very happy with the 99 cent deal for a year this month.Mine expires at the end of the month.I am hoping to continue with that same rate

  5. Trying to sign up for Hulu $.99 promo. However…my TV does not have Hulu as an option. Is there some way to add Hulu, and how? Thanx

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