Horror Film ‘Mask of the Devil’ Due Digitally Jan. 13 From Level 33

The horror film Mask of the Devil will be released via digital sellthrough and VOD platforms Jan. 13 by Level 33 Entertainment.

A unique mix of supernatural horror and dark comedy, the film is written, directed and produced by Richard Rowntree and Matthew Davies (Dogged, Nefarious) and stars Nicole Katherine Riddell (White Sky), Kemal Yildirim (Wastelands, Rose), David Robert Lenik (An English Haunting, The Curse of Halloween Jack), Martin W. Payne (Fixer, Pandemonium), Alexander Nathan Woods (Tales from the Great War) and Kemi Kentebe. 

In the film, a cursed tribal mask turns up on the set of an adult film and finds the perfect conduit to channel its evil — a young woman named Mary, who must battle the ancient evil as it unleashes unimaginable carnage on the unsuspecting cast and crew.

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