‘Hey, Stop Stabbing Me!’ Among Horror Titles Due on Blu-ray June 28 From MVD and Severin

Three horror titles — Hey, Stop Stabbing Me!, The Big Sleazy Jack Weis Double Feature and Mardi Gras Massacre — are being released on Blu-ray June 28 from Severin Films and MVD Entertainment Group.

Long before they became Hollywood players with Dorm Daze, Golan the Insatiable and the “Sonic the Hedgehog” movies, 20-year-old producer/co-writer/director Josh Miller and producer/co-writer/star Pat Casey spent the summer of 2000 with $500, a MiniDV cam and a group of friends in Bloomington, Minn., creating the long-out-of-print comedy/horror hit of the shot-on-video era, Hey, Stop Stabbing Me!. It’s a deranged suburban saga of hole diggers, serial killers, nympho girlfriends, clothes-stealing monsters and lawn mower murders. Intervision is presenting this cult favorite remastered in HD with all-new reunion featurettes, audio commentaries, short films and much more. Special features include an introduction by Miller and Casey; audio commentary with Miller, Casey and actor Andy Kriss; “Still Stabbing After All These Years,” a cast and crew reunion; “The State of Stabbing Mike”; Sledgehammers at Dawn (83 mins), with filmmaker intro and audio commentaries; short films; and trailers.

The Big Sleazy Jack Weiss Double Feature features two films by New Orleans writer/producer/director Jack Weis, Crypt of Dark Secrets and Death Brings Roses. Crypt of Dark Secrets (1976) features voodoo vengeance, a possessed swamp stripper and multiple feats of knuckleheaded folk horror and is newly mastered from the original negative. Thought lost for more than 30 years, Death Brings Roses (1975) is the Big Easy auteur’s epic of pimps, hookers, mob bosses, double-crosses, a stupefying parade of performances by non-professional locals and Henny Youngman. Real-life Hollywood tough guy Scott Brady (Johnny Guitar), Oscar winner Broderick Crawford (All the King’s Men) and Hermione Gingold (Gigi) co-star in this French Quarter crime saga, now scanned in 2K from the filmmaker’s personal 35mm print. Special features include “The Talented Ms. Ridley,” an interview with actress Maureen Ridley, and the Crypt of Dark Secrets trailer.

Mardi Gras Massacre (1978) is another Weis creation. For his final trashterpiece, Weis delivers a filth-fueled, disco-drenched and gore-soaked epic of butchered hookers, hard-boiled homicide cops and a prissy psycho with an Aztec sacrifice fetish. Curt Dawson (Blood Bath), Ronald Tanet (Crypt of Dark Secrets) and February ’75 Playboy Playmate Laura Misch star in this film with a soundtrack by Dennis Coffey and Mike Theodore (Black Belt Jones) that is still banned in the United Kingdom as one of the original DPP 39 Video Nasties. The film features a 2K master compiled from the best surviving post-Katrina elements. Special features include “I’m Not Into Hollywood,” an interview with Weis; “The Mardi Gras Killer,” an interview with actor William Metzo; “The First Victim,” an interview with actress Laura Misch; and a trailer.

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