HBO Max Launches Platform Supporting Latino American Creatives

HBO Max is launching a platform to support Latino American entertainment creatives in front and behind the camera. Dubbed “Pa’lante! Promise,” the initiative marks a partnership with WarnerMedia’s “OneFifty” artistic studio focused on curating, developing and investing in Hispanic American series, films, shorts and podcasts.

Founded on the vision of empowerment, “Pa’lante! Promise” underscores the media company’s growing “ambicultural” movement that seeks to elevate Latino stories and voices on HBO Max adapted to American customs.

The projects will premiere on HBO Max within the next year. The films cover a wide range of genres, including short content, unscripted, documentary films, and feature narratives.

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“Visibility and opportunity is everything,” Jessica Vargas, director of multicultural marketing for HBO Max and HBO, said in a statement. “The Pa’lante! Promise and OneFifty is a great example of a network creating a platform where Latin creatives and their work are supported and elevated, through promotional campaigns that resonate with our audience in an authentic way.”

Axel Caballero, head of OneFifty and VP of artistic and cultural innovations, said cooperation between the Latino creative units through promotional campaigns has thus far 11 produced original short films, series and movies.

Titles include dark comedy short film The Son Who Can’t Play Trumpet, about a Latino celebration party that escalates after a father pressures his grown son to play the trumpet for his guests.

Dramedy “A Love Supreme” is a single camera series about relationships, friendships, breakups and makeups of Latinx childhood friends from Uptown, Nueva York City.

Bi-lingual dramedy L.A.tinas, about four Hispanic women living in Los Angeles, who enjoy the city to its fullest while trying to juggle their Latin heritage and pursuing their American dream.

Sci-fi movie Harvest showcases a futuristic world where white people, animals and water have nearly disappeared. A Native Latina and an Afro-Latina must decide if they should save their child with an illegal heart transplant harvested from the bodies of migrants.

Other content includes the January 2022 short drama, Acuitzeramo — about a gay man who must confront his late partner’s estranged son who was unaware of his father’s homosexuality.

Animated short Anacronte, arriving Sept. 15, is a 3D non-dialogue short film that personifies humanity’s struggle against the forces of misfortune.

Documentary A La Calle (Sept. 15) is about Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro’s alleged oppressive regime and the prominent figures opposing the government.

Short drama Rosa on Oct. 1 is about a part-time florist who runs an illicit operation of shipping the bodies of deceased immigrants back to their home countries.

Young adult drama series “Nina Furia,” (Oct. 1) is a poignant series about the everyday lives of a group of Nicaraguan students exiled in Costa Rica.

Feature drama Son of Monarchs (Nov. 2) is about a New York City biologist who returns to his hometown in Mexico and undergoes a personal transformation in the butterfly forests of Michoacán.

Short comedy The 90-day Plan (Nov. 1) is about two young teenagers plan to rob a Bank of America by using Hollywood heist films as their guide.

“This slate captures the vision of amazing artists,” said Caballero.

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