‘Groucho & Cavett,’ ‘Adventures of Saul Bellow’ Due on PBS Documentaries Prime Video Channel in December

Arriving this month on the PBS Documentaries Prime Video Channel are two new films from “American Masters,” Groucho & Cavett and The Adventures of Saul Bellow.

The subscription rate for the PBS Documentaries Prime Video Channel is $3.99 per month with an Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription.

Due Dec. 27 is American Masters: Groucho & Cavett. The documentary chronicles the enduring friendship between Emmy Award-winning television personality Dick Cavett and iconic comedian Groucho Marx. Cavett, a writer for Jack Parr on “The Tonight Show,” met Marx at the funeral of playwright George S. Kaufman in 1961. When Cavett made the transition from writer to comedian in 1965, he was encouraged and mentored by Marx. In 1968, Cavett became the host of his own talk show and Marx became a frequent guest, capturing what Cavett calls “the last of Groucho’s greatness.” American Masters: Groucho & Cavett chronicles the pair’s relationship through new interviews with Cavett, footage from Marx’s visits to “The Dick Cavett Show” and other rare recordings.

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Streaming starting Dec. 12 is American Masters: The Adventures of Saul Bellow. The documentary explores Nobel Prize and Pulitzer Prize winner Saul Bellow’s impact on American literature, illuminating how Bellow transformed modern literature and navigated through the issues of his time, including race, gender and the Jewish immigrant experience. The film traces Bellow’s rise to eminence and examines his many identities: reluctant public intellectual, “serial husband,” father, Chicagoan and Jewish American. It also sheds light on his willingness to confront social issues, his criticisms of American society and materialism, and his provocative political views. The documentary includes rare archival footage and interviews with Philip Roth, Salman Rushdie and many others.

Other titles coming to the PBS Documentaries Prime Video Channel in December include Crime Scene: Bucha on Dec. 6; Can Science Stop Crime? (Nova) on Dec. 6; How Smart Can We Get? (Nova) on Dec. 16; Hubert H. Humphrey: The Art of the Possible on Dec. 16; Counting on Birds: Tales of Migration on Dec. 17; and The Musicians’ Green Book: An Enduring Legacy on Dec. 20.

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