‘Game of Thrones’ Top Pirated TV Show in 2017

HBO’s “Game of Thrones” ended 2017 as the most-pirated television show — topping AMC Networks’ “The Walking Dead.” The popular period fantasy has earned the distinction for the past six years, according to

The site announced 400,000 users illegally shared season seven’s final seventh episode on BitTorrent — just one of many platforms used to pirate movies and TV shows.

While the series attracted upwards of 10 million live TV viewers per episode, in addition to millions more on-demand, the seventh season of “Thrones” was pirated more than 1 billion times, according to

Data from, an anti-piracy software company, showed the latest season of “Thrones” was illegally streamed (84.7%), shared (9.1%) and downloaded (5.6%) 1,029,787,668 times through last September. The numbers do not include internal security breaches that resulted in select episodes being leaked before their initial broadcast.

A separate report on found that 94% of “Thrones” viewers do so legally through pay-TV, on-demand, online TV and digital retail.

Top 10 Pirated TV Shows in 2017:

  1. “Game of Thrones”
  2. “The Walking Dead”
  3. “The Flash”
  4. “The Big Bang Theory”
  5. “Rick and Morty”
  6. “Prison Break”
  7. “Sherlock”
  8. “Viking”
  9. “Suits”
  10. “Arrow”


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