FilmRise, Woodcut Plan Two More True Crime Co-Productions

FilmRise, the New York-based film and television studio and streaming network, has announced the expansion of its relationship with U.K. true crime TV producer Woodcut Media with two new co-productions, resulting in more than 30 hours of content. 

They include a second season order of “Murdered at First Sight” and the eighth season of “World’s Most Evil Killers.”

Each series will be distributed by FilmRise on broadcast, pay-TV and streaming platforms in North America, except for “World’s Most Evil Killers,” which is distributed by FilmRise in the United States only, with U.K. rights for season one.

“Murdered at First Sight” tells the first-hand stories of some of the most complex and hard-to-solve murder cases where the victim had never met the perpetrator before. 

“World’s Most Evil Killers” brings viewers up close and personal to the real stories of prolific killers. Each episode includes first-hand accounts, interviews, archival footage, re-enactments and an in-depth analysis of each subject. The program has focused on Jeffrey Dahmer, Ed Gein, Fred and Rose West, Ted Bundy, and Richard Ramirez, among others.

The two companies’ collaboration began in 2020 with FilmRise’s licensing of the first four seasons and the co-commission of seasons five, six and seven of “World’s Most Evil Killers” plus the new 2022 series “Murdered at First Sight,” alongside Sky Crime.

“Having FilmRise on-board as a co-production partner for these series expands our ability to create programming that is in high demand for true-crime enthusiasts,” said Kate Beal, founder and CEO of Woodcut Media, in a statement. “Our initial collaboration with them proved incredibly fruitful and we are excited to be working with FilmRise to further consolidate our position as a leading provider of true-crime TV.”

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“We have seen tremendous interest and a continual increase in viewership with each new season of ‘World’s Most Evil Killers,’ our initial true crime collaboration with Woodcut Media,” Max Einhorn, FilmRise SVP of acquisitions and co-productions, said in a statement. “It has been delightful building our relationship with Kate and her talented team. Growing a fruitful partnership with Woodcut is a perfect example of how FilmRise likes to work with other independents. We build value for each other’s businesses.”

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