FilmRise Acquires More True Crime, Including ‘World’s Wildest Police Videos’

FilmRise Acquires More True Crime, Including ‘World’s Wildest Police Videos’

FilmRise, the New York-based film and television studio and streaming network, has entered into a deal acquiring 86 hours of true crime programming from Pursuit Productions’ library.

The deal gives FilmRise worldwide digital distribution rights to all five seasons of “World’s Wildest Police Videos,” hosted by John Bunnell, two spin-off specials, and five other law enforcement genre television programs.

“’World’s Wildest Police Videos’ was an important pillar in network and cable programming, helping to launch America’s obsession with reality TV,” Max Einhorn, SVP, acquisitions and co-productions for FilmRise, said in a statement. “The genius format of the show also undoubtedly inspired a new generation of ‘caught on camera’ producers and digital creators. As FilmRise’s mission is to carry-forward the traditional TV experience into the free streaming world, ‘World’s Wildest Police Videos’ is sure to remain a pillar of what we love to watch.”

“This is an exciting partnership for us,” Paul Stojanovich Jr., CEO of Pursuit Productions, said in a statement. “We’ve seen the success FilmRise has had in the global market with similar programs in the true crime genre and have no doubt that they will expand our domestic and international audience reach immensely.”

The deal includes eight different programs. These include all five original seasons of “World’s Wildest Police Videos”; eight hours from the “World’s Scariest Police Chases” series; and the hour-long special “World’s Scariest Police Stings.” Also included are two volumes of “Code Red”; the television specials “Getting a Ticket in America,” “Riots: Mobs Out of Control,” and “Special Forces”; and specific volumes of “Surviving the Moment of Impact.”

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“World’s Wildest Police Videos” caught the attention of viewers when it premiered on Fox in 1997 as reality TV was just taking off. It aired for three seasons and many years more in syndication. Its fifth season revival in 2012 brought back John Bunnell, a retired police officer and former sheriff in Oregon, as narrator. The police videos were shot in the United States and around the world — often shocking and outrageous footage of high-speed car chases that turn deadly, bank robberies gone wrong, out-of-control riots, international hostage holdups, and more.

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