‘Family Guy’ Marks 20th Anniversary With Musical DVD

The animated comedy “Family Guy” will mark its 20th anniversary with a new collection of musical-infused episodes of the series.

Family Guy: 20 Greatest Hits will arrive on DVD and Digital Jan. 8 from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and includes 20 song-and-dance-filled episodes from the series, along with brand new bonus material.

Extras include a “300 Episodes, Two Cancellations, and One Mural” featurette; lyric videos for “I Need a Jew,” “Drunken Irish Dad” and It’s a Wonderful Day for Pie”; and a “Music Machine” to play the following songs:

  • “The Road to Rhode Island Song”
  • “I Need a Jew”
  • “You’ve Got a Lot to See”
  • “You Have AIDS”
  • “The FCC Song”
  • “Peanut Butter Jelly Time”
  • “Somewhere That’s Green”
  • “When We Swing”
  • “Shipoopi”
  • “Vasectomy”
  • “Noble Indian Chief”
  • “Drunken Irish Dad”
  • “Prom Night Dumpster Baby”
  • “All I Really Need is The Boy”
  • “The Spirit of Massachusetts”
  • “Surfin’ Bird”
  • “A Bag o’ Weed”
  • “It’s a Wonderful Day for Pie”
  • “All I Really Want for Christmas”
  • “Christmastime is Killing Us”
  • “Mr. Booze”
  • “Credit Card Debt”
  • “Poop in Strange Places”
  • “Butter on a Pop Tart”
  • “Brush Your Teeth at Work”
  • “Parents are Gross”
  • “Candy Quahog Marshmallow!”


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