Epix Launching ‘ScreenPix’ Channel Featuring Classic Movies and TV Series

Epix, the pay-TV network owned by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), Oct. 16 announced an expanded carriage agreement with Comcast Cable that will enable the pay-TV operator to deliver Epix’s portfolio of movies and original series to Xfinity subscribers. 

On Dec. 12, Epix will launch ScreenPix, a suite of library channels offering a curated collection of classic movies, uncut and commercial free.  The suite includes ScreenPix; ScreenPix: Action; ScreenPix: Westerns; and ScreenPix: Voices, a channel dedicated to diverse voices.  

“We have a shared commitment to providing viewers an unmatched experience and are excited for Xfinity TV customers to experience Epix’s lineup of new original series and great movies,” Michael Wright, president of Epix, said in a statement.

Beginning with the first quarter 2020, Xfinity subs will have access to Epix original docuseries “Slow Burn” and “Laurel Canyon”; as well as limited series “Belgravia,” from Julian Fellowes and the creative team behind “Downton Abbey.”

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Othe programming includes recently premiered “Godfather of Harlem,” starring and executive produced by Oscar-winner Forest Whitaker; season three of “Get Shorty”; “NFL: The Grind,” from NFL Films and hosted by Rich Eisen; as well as recent dramas “Pennyworth” and “Perpetual Grace” and “LTD.”

Epix movies include titles from MGM, Paramount and Lionsgate, including RocketmanTerminator: Dark FateJohn Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum and the upcoming James Bond release No Time to Die.

“Epix has been a great partner, and we are very pleased to deliver its critically acclaimed originals and vast content library to more Xfinity TV customers,” Dana Strong, president of consumer services for Comcast Cable, said. 

13 thoughts on “Epix Launching ‘ScreenPix’ Channel Featuring Classic Movies and TV Series”

  1. John Wick will be on HBO since they have a few more years on their contract with the Summit unit of Lionsgate,

  2. I would rather have back the MGM, TCM, Indie, Retro and the other Encore old movie channels that Comcast has just told us are being dropped from my Preferred service, those channels are what we contracted for, you can keep these new lame offerings. I’ll bet others feel that way too!

    1. This was the straw that have my parent asking me to cancel their Cable, and I pay for it. They don’t even want it free without those channels. The love the classics. I am getting them introduced to alternative streaming services to get the content they want.

    2. Totally agree! I pay a premium price, over $300 a month and the only thing I really enjoy are the Encor Western channel! Guess xfinity didn’t get the negotiated price they were looking for so the customers have to pay extra if they want Starz Encor. Ridiculous! My wife loves the ID channels and whatever you do don’t change your service because Xfinity will then eliminate all the ID channels, because they don’t have those either except for those who originally had them with their contract. Which begs the question why didn’t that apply to those of us who had Starz Encor as part of their original content. Signed: One ticked off Consumer.

  3. So far I’m happy with the new channels in place of the Starz Encore. Epix is also from MGM. Retroplex is all I’ll miss. TCM was separate, and I paid to restore it.

    1. I am disappointed that these ‘originals’ are not being shown in their correct aspect ratios.
      Particularly, John Ford’s classic masterpiece , ‘The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” was shot spherical 185:1 yet is being displayed highly letterboxed and seemingly squeezed. This is a fundamental and detrimental modification of the film.

  4. anyone having problem watching Hang Em High?- I have NO VOICE- but hear cows moo,horses ney,
    river,music. Just NO VOICE.

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