Episodes of ‘Work It Out Wombats!’ Among Titles Streaming on PBS Kids Prime Video Channel in February

Episodes of the new series “Work It Out Wombats!,” as well as “Rosies’ Rules,” “Pinkalicious & Peterrific” and “Donkey Hodie,” will arrive on the PBS Kids Prime Video Channel in February.

The subscription rate for the PBS Kids Prime Video Channel is $4.99 per month with an Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription.

Three volumes (14 episodes) of the new series “Work It Out Wombats!,” an animated program for kids ages 3-6, start streaming Feb. 6. The series stars a trio of marsupial siblings — Malik, Zadie and Zeke — who live with their grandmother Super in their treehouse apartment complex.

In volume one, Super, Zadie and Malik tackle a big mess by breaking it into little jobs and the Wombats make a new hat for Ellie using measuring. Then, when Malik wrecks the instructions, Operation “Wash Stinky Snout” doesn’t go as planned. Next, the Wombats ask their friends for help to make a special thank you treat for Super. Zadie and Malik then retrace their steps to locate Zeke’s beloved stuffy. After this, when Zadie messes up Mr. E’s shell garden, she learns the key to finding the pattern is in JunJun’s song. Then Zadie helps Malik design a faster route to sick-and-sniffly Sammy so Sammy’s ice cream won’t melt on the way. Following this, when Zadie doesn’t take the time to plan what they need for a fun campout, “fun” quickly becomes unfun.

In volume two, Zeke transforms into The Mighty Zeke in the hopes of getting over his fear of riding a two-wheeler and the Wombats are invited to the Fishmans’ baby shower. Then the Wombats help find the mystery of a scary-weird sound that has frightened Carly, CeCe and Clyde. Following this, the Wombats become “Hopping Helpers,” packaging jars of super-sticky Ooey Gooey Goo. Next, Malik learns the key to a successful “Brother Day” and Zeke and Louisa learn how to be successful waiters. Then, Zeke learns how to manage a sleepover when the bedtime routine is different than at home. Plus, the Wombats navigate an exciting network of tunnels beneath the Treeborhood, they decide to celebrate a summer version of Halloween, and finally, they build Zeke a giant snow globe.

In volume three, the Wombats create the perfect “Me Time,” and Zadie yearns to make some noise with her Really Big, Really Loud Noisy Thing. The Wombats then need to work out what to do when you have too many pairs of Sparkle Pants and what kind of game Zadie, CeCe, Clyde and Carly can play that’s fun for all. Then, Louisa hatches a plan to trade mud pies for stickers, but Zeke can’t remember the recipe, and Zadie learns how to take a photo that will bring students to a class to help inspire Mr. E. Next, Zeke’s sorting choices prove interesting when he volunteers to be Mr. E’s “Helper for the Day.” After this, the Wombats are psyched to race in the Treeborhood Derby, but they can’t get their homemade car out of the house. Plus, the Wombats organize a talent show, and then, feeling left out of the Treeborhood’s Collection Bonanza, Zeke goes in search of a collection he can call his own.

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In the latest volume (four) of “Rosie’s Rules,” streaming Feb. 3, Rosie tries to make tomorrow come faster, and looks for missing walkie talkies. Next, Rosie helps Mom set up for story time and makes a strawberry horchata stand. Then Rosie hurries to bring Tía her lucky spoon and Crystal’s flying disc gets stuck in a tree. And Rosie and Javi are making a chalk town in the circle drive and Rosie wants to fix the community garden.

In volume 14 (three episodes) of “Pinkalicious & Peterific,” streaming starting Feb. 17, Pinkalicious and Peter build a special alarm so they don’t miss out on a snow day and Pinkalicious earns a ribbon for helping out Pinkville. Then Pinkalicious and Peter use Mommy’s new invention — Giganto Powder — to make things grow big, and Pinkalicious and Rafael attend a special art exhibit where they can jump into paintings. Next, Pinkalicious helps Rafael train his dog for the Pinkminster Dog Show, and Mommy creates a special invention that lets Pinkalicious and Peter try something again if they mess up.

In volume nine (four episodes) of “Donkey Hodie,” streaming starting Feb. 24, Gameshow Gator wants to come up with a new game everybody can play, and Donkey and her pals try to cheer themselves up. Donkey finds ways to have fun on her own for a day, and when she wants to be just like Fashion Penguin, she thinks about how she can discover her own Donkey passion. Then, Donkey and Panda attract glowing bugs with music and Panda has a day without purple things. Finally, the friends find a box of Golden Crunchdoodles cereal, but it won’t open. And Donkey, Panda, and Bob Dog want to play different things and must learn to compromise.

Also arriving in February are volume one of “Plum Landing” on Feb. 9 and volume two of “Plum Landing” on Feb. 16.

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