Doc ‘The Genius Factory’ Streaming on Discovery+ Starting May 20

The documentary Genius Factory will debut on the subscription streaming service Discovery+ May 20.

It follows eccentric billionaire Robert Graham, who in the 1980s wanted to create the world’s smartest kids, so he funded the largest legal genetic experiment in human history. He felt that unintelligent people were breeding too often and smart people weren’t breeding enough, so he decided to do something about it.

Now, 30 years later, the children of his eugenics experiment walk the streets of America as adults. These super babies seem normal enough, but there is a hidden struggle to understand who they are and why they came to be. They struggle to understand if the Genius Factory rewarded them or condemned them.

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The founder is dead, the sperm bank is closed, and the records burned. In the documentary, for the first time, people who worked at the bank talk, the genius children meet each other and find out who their fathers are.

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