Doc ‘God Knows Where I Am’ Coming to DVD Oct. 23 from MVD

Doc ‘God Knows Where I Am’ Coming to DVD Oct. 23 from MVD

MVD Entertainment Group Oct. 23 will release on DVD Juno Films’ God Knows Where I Am, the story of Linda Bishop, a woman who suffered from bipolar disorder and died alone in an abandoned house.

Bishop, a well-educated New Hampshire mother, suffered from severe bipolar disorder with psychosis and was intermittently incarcerated and homeless, eventually being committed for three years to a state psychiatric facility. Successfully fighting her sister’s protective attempts to be named her legal guardian, Bishop was able to refuse treatment and medication, and eventually procured an early, unconditional release, despite the lack of post-release planning. Upon her release, she wandered 10 miles down the road from the hospital, broke into an abandoned farmhouse and lived off of rainwater and apples picked from a nearby orchard for the next four months, through one of the coldest winters on record. Unable to leave the house, she became its prisoner, and remained there, a prisoner of her own mind, eventually starving to death. Her body was discovered several months later and with it a diary that she kept documenting her journey.

The documentary is both a study of systemic failure and also a testament to the artistic and independent spirit of Bishop.

Watch the trailer here.

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