Disney+ Signs Up 2 Million Aussies in 4 Months

Disney+ Signs Up 2 Million Aussies in 4 Months

Disney’s subscription streaming video platform launched in Australia and New Zealand on Nov. 19, 2019 — one week after its North American debut. New data from research group Roy Morgan finds Disney+ has attracted 2 million Aussies after four months. By comparison, Netflix took six months to generate 2 million subs after launching down under in 2015.

Disney+ is ahead of Amazon Prime Video with 1.6 million (up 1 million) and YouTube Premium at 1.47 million (up 161,000).

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Regardless, Netflix has extended its SVOD lead with 12.59 million Australians having access, an increase of more than 1 million. It is followed by Foxtel (including Kayo Sports) with an increase of 63,000 (4.87 million and 953,000 for Stan (3.72 million).

The relatively small sub increase for Foxtel is largely due to the strong performance of their sports-centric streaming service Kayo Sports, which attracted 704,000 viewers by March 2020, up by 530,000 on a year ago.

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When it comes to multiple subscription television services, Netflix plus Stan is the most popular combination with over 3.4 million Australians having access to both just ahead of Netflix plus Foxtel (3.1 million).

“The growth of subscription television services in Australia sped up in March as the nation entered a period of lockdown [due to COVID-19],” Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine said in a statement.

Levine said that in March, more than 1 million Australians gained access to a SVOD service in their household. That compared with 893,000 SVOD additions in February.

“The increasing growth in the overall market has been predicted by many as Australians have been confined to their homes over the last two months and these results are the first to back up that prediction,” Levine said.

She contends that OTT video is growing due to the fact that different members of the same household are now able to have their own subscriptions to different services. Of Disney’s 2 million SVOD viewers, a large majority of 1.67 million (83%) subscribe to Netflix and 897,000 (45%) watch Stan.

“Foxtel’s launch next week of a new cut-price streaming service to go head-to-head against Netflix, Stan and Disney Plus does raise the risk of cannibalizing Foxtel’s existing revenue streams, but also sets Foxtel up take a share of the growing market of consumers increasingly gravitating towards low-cost services that offer extensive and deep catalogs,” Levine said.

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