Disney+ Streaming Service Launches Operations in 16 Middle East, North African Countries

Disney+ on June 9 officially launched subscription streaming video operations in the Middle East and North Africa.

The Walt Disney Co.-owned SVOD service — which ended the most recent fiscal period with 137.7 million subscribers, including more than 50 million in India — launched service in the United States in November 2019.

Subscribers will be able to access up to four concurrent streams, unlimited downloads on as many as 10 devices, and the ability to set up seven different profiles. Parents also will be able to set children profiles so that they can only access age-appropriate content.

Disney+ will expand into select Eastern European countries on June 14.

The pricing structure for Disney+ in the Middle East and Africa:

Market Currency MONTHLY ANNUAL
Algeria DZD 399.99 3998.99
Bahrain USD 8.99 88.99
Egypt EGP 49.99 498.99
Iraq IQD 4999.99 49998.99
Jordan JOD 2.99 28.99
Kuwait USD 8.99 88.99
Lebanon USD 4.49 43.99
Libya USD 2.99 28.99
Morocco MAD 33.99 328.99
Oman USD 8.99 88.99
Palestine USD 6.99 68.99
Qatar QAR 29.99 298.99
Saudi Arabia SAR 29.99 298.99
Tunisia USD 3.49 33.99
UAE AED 29.99 298.99
Yemen USD 2.99 28.99


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