DEG International Re-Launches ‘Mega Movie Week’ Discount Sales Campaign in Germany

The Digital Entertainment Group International Feb. 13 announced the return of the “Mega Movie Week” marketing campaign in Germany. The promotion through Feb. 19 aims to drive the digital retail growth of more than 200 local and Hollywood movies at discounted prices.

U.S. movies include Universal Studios Home Entertainment’s Ticket to Paradise, Walt Disney Studio’s Amsterdam, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment’s Spider-Man: No Way Home, Paramount Home Entertainment’s Smile and Studiocanal’s Orphan: First Kill, among others.

Participating digital platforms include Prime Video, Apple TV App, CHILI, Freenet Video, Maxdome, Microsoft Movies & TV, Rakuten TV, Sky Store, Videociety and Videoload.

The campaign is co-sponsored by The Federal Association for Audiovisual Media (Der Bundesverband für Audiovisuelle Medien e.V. / BVV), and The Society for the Promotion of Audiovisual Media (Die Gesellschaft zur Förderung audiovisueller Medien mbH / FAM), among others.

The campaign is being marketed across YouTube, Google, Meta and TikTok, among other social media platforms.

“We know from our experience in Germany in 2021, where we saw a week on week volume uplift of 440%, as well as the other international markets where DEGI runs successful campaigns, that these initiatives deliver genuine category growth,” Liz Bales, CEO of DEGI, said in a statement.

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