Dave Watson: Comcast StreamSaver Bundle Aimed at Jumpstarting Broadband Subscriptions

Dave Watson: Comcast StreamSaver Bundle Aimed at Jumpstarting Broadband Subscriptions

Comcast’s pending launch of the its branded StreamSaver bundle, offering Xfinity pay-TV and broadband subscribers ad-supported access to Netflix, Peacock and Apple TV+ for a $15 monthly fee, reflects the media giant’s attempt to reverse recent consumer trends in its high-speed internet business.

Dave Watson

Speaking at the J.P. Morgan 52nd Annual Global Technology, Media and Communications Conference in Boston, Dave Watson, CEO of Comcast Cable, said the company’s broadband business is targeting mobile customers and streaming to lure and retain subscribers.

Comcast reported a drop of 122,000 broadband subscribers in the most-recent fiscal period, ended March 31. The company lost 55,000 high-speed subs in the first 90 days of 2024, ending the period with 29.69 million subscribers. It was the third consecutive month of broadband subscribers losses.

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For Watson, offering bundled access to third-party SVODs services with NBCUniversal’s Peacock platform, in addition to mobile high-speed internet connectivity, could lure subscribers from the legacy pay-TV market.

“StreamSaver is a companion to broadband,” Watson said. “The reason we did it was broadband.”

Watson said marketing efforts such as StreamSaver, and the ancillary $30 monthly NOW TV promotion linking 40 free ad-supported streaming television service channels with Netflix, Peacock and Apple TV+, look to grow revenue, and not just subscribers.

“Yes, we’re focused on client relationships, customer relationships, but it’s that total growth of revenue that we’re focused on when you add everything up,” Watson said.

The CEO contends that consumers are looking for simple, easy alternatives for streaming entertainment and by combining high-profile third-party SVOD services with proprietary brands and technical infrastructure, consumers will stick around the Comcast brand.

“I think it’s a home run,” Watson said.

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