Data and Analytics Driving MoviePass to be Discussed at Conferences

Data and Analytics Driving MoviePass to be Discussed at Conferences

The data and analytics initiative behind the business model of MoviePass, the movie ticket subscription service headed by former video rental dealer Mitch Lowe,  will be the topic of the first bi-coastal keynote address at the Smart Content Summit West (Feb. 27, Los Angeles) and Smart Content Summit East (March 8, New York).

Lowe, MoviePass’s CEO, and Ted Farnsworth, chairman and CEO of parent company Helios and Matheson Analytics Inc., will both take the stage in Los Angeles with a keynote conversation titled “Innovation Across the Entertainment Industry; the MoviePass Effect.”  This will be followed 10 days later by a solo keynote conversation by Farnsworth at Smart Content Summit East called “Disruption in the Entertainment Industry; Monetizing the MoviePass Effect.”

Helios and Matheson acquired a majority stake in MoviePass last August. MoviePass subsequently announced that it would lower its monthly subscription price to $9.95, for which subscribers are entitled to see up to one movie per day in theaters.  At the time, Farnsworth stated that the service wanted to increase the size of its subscriber base in order to provide viewing data to content creators and advertisers.  Following the subscription price reduction, MoviePass subscribers increased from 400,000 to 1.5 million as of January 2018.

Prior to joining MoviePass, Lowe was President and COO at Redbox. Previously, he was a co-founding senior executive and VP of Business Development and Strategic Alliances at Netflix, a position in which he facilitated many of the early studio negotiations and subscriber acquisition programs. Before that he owned Video Droid, a video rental retailer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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