Comedy ‘Ernesto’s Manifesto’ Due on Disc and Digital From Random Media Jan. 14

The comedy Ernesto’s Manifesto will come out on DVD, Blu-ray, on demand and digital from Random Media Jan. 14.

The film stars Cuban-born American Fernando Hidalgo (“The Fernando Hidalgo Show”), Amy Davidson (“8 Simple Rules”), Adam Huss (“Power”), Lisandra Tena (“The Good Place”), Randy J. Goodwin (“The Rookie”) and newcomer Tabitha Caulfield.

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Written and directed by David M. Matthews, it follows Ernesto, a sweet, simple and gentle man, who is doing the best he can to get by in Los Angeles. A series of bad breaks, however, cause him to lose his job, his girlfriend, and his home. Then, just when all seems hopeless, he finds employment, which leads to housing, an important friendship, and unexpectedly, a new and improved career trajectory.

Matthews and actor-executive producer Hidalgo met through a U.S.-based online advertising outlet, Craigslist, and the production was completely funded by Hidalgo’s Bitcoin profits.

The film was released theatrically Dec. 13.

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One thought on “Comedy ‘Ernesto’s Manifesto’ Due on Disc and Digital From Random Media Jan. 14”

  1. November 2nd, 2020

    As far as I know, this so called comedy has not projected anywhere. “Ernesto’s” was a dream of this mediocre comic, Fernando Hidalgo, he invented a story regarding “bit-coins” from which he allegedly got $800 thousand, and invested the whole sum on this project. The so called writer and director was the only one who collected some money from this filthy film, and the main actor whom earned $25 thousand each. Fernando was very active last year trying to promote this piece of trash, but nobody bite the trick. To this date, nobody knows where Fernando is?

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